Who runs the world in season 7 of ‘Game of Thrones’? Girls.

There are two types of people in the world: those who watch “Game of Thrones” and those who don’t. And it’s pretty obvious who is better — the GoT fans.

Many people take the show so seriously because something like it has never been done on TV before. It has a plethora of story lines, locations and a bigger cast than “Saturday Night Live.” “Game of Thrones” is every geek’s dream come true. It’s a package deal of fantasy, sex and war.

The glorious time of the year is back, when the show is running in its seventh season. The first episode of the season comes out Sunday night. The excitement that it brings is too difficult and too dangerous for words. But let’s talk about the best parts to see, and not to see, in season seven.

For a show with multiple ever-evolving story lines, one really can’t ask for more change because hardly any repetition exists. Most fans would lose their heads if events like the Red Wedding happened again.

No. Seriously. It was traumatic.

I want to write a personal letter to the show creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff, requesting — no, begging — to spare my favorite characters this time. George R.R. Martin is a maniacal literary murderer, and I cannot take another episode of being shocked into oblivion by the “sudden” death of my favorite character.

But this is “Game of Thrones,” so who am I kidding.

Arya Stark. That poor girl has spent the majority of the show finding her way back home. She’s done about everything to survive, including pretend to be a servant-boy, joining a cult, and cooking some gruesome meat pies. It’s time she takes a break. But something shows that maybe the Stark girls are just getting started.

While one brother is shot by Ramsay Bolton, one lies dead on a table, and one lies under a tree hallucinating, Sansa Stark took inspiration from the cooler sister and got busy. And after finally reuniting with Jon Snow, Sansa should be feared in the coming season.

Season seven is also about to be where one can half expect the cast to start dancing to Beyonce’s “Run The World,” because it is actually true for Westeros.

With amazing badass females rising up to fight for their houses, “Game of Thrones” should give “Wonder Woman” some competition in the female-empowerment category. With Cersei Lannister stirring trouble in King’s Landing, Yara Greyjoy one-upping her brother Melisandre brings people back from the dead and Daenerys being Daenerys, no King may sit on the Iron Throne again.

And, Lyanna Mormont. How can I forget the coolest middle-schooler that ever lived? I will sell my soul if it means I get to see Lady Mormont get more screen time, and a bigger role than just a few cameos.

A show is nothing if there are no fan theories being conjured up about it. While, there are thousands of theories coming up about events that will unfold in season seven, the R+L=J story line is the most intriguing. It’s pretty much confirmed now that Jon Snow is a Targaryen and that could really mess things up for Dany.

What I’m interested in seeing, and this thought is the courtesy of my very GoT-obsessed friend, is if like most Targaryens, Jon Snow can survive fire too. Think about it. If he can, this takes the show in a different direction. Fire versus Ice. But Jon Snow represents Fire and Ice. Will the Fire melt Ice or will the Ice freeze Fire — backup question: can fire be frozen?

One column just isn’t enough to cover my hopes and dreams for the characters. So, let’s make it short.

Gendry, please find land. Tyrion Lannister, stay awesome. Dany, don’t capture towns and “free the slaves” because it isn’t working for you. Jorah Mormont, please find a cure for Greyscale because I miss you. Brienne of Tarth, you do you. Oh, and maybe we’ll get some more information on the Lord of the Light and how to retain your youth.

Asking for a friend.


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